Expect More Political Shows As Politicians Lobby For Votes By Every Means

With the election time approaching, it is time now for the politicians to interact with the local mwananchi to lobby more votes. The things these guys do to convince voters, it is hilarious.

However, this is always a show to convince voters, then once they are voted in they disappear into thin air. Some go as far as doing odd jobs, sweeping the streets, using local means of transport like bodaboda, and many other funny acts.

As it is always their norm, they are seen in high-end cars, choppers, and with tight security. But this time around, you will see them walking freely around the streets, appearing in local functions uninvited and many other things. This is the same case with the Kakamega county aspirant Dr. Bonny Khalwale.

Yesterday in his post he was seen boarding a motorbike home, something that caught the attention of many viewers. However, this is just a show but in reality, things are different.

What other political shows have you seen or expecting during this electioneering time? Please leave a comment.

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