Forget About Ochilo Ayako And John Pesa, This Is The 2nd Migori County Governor

The entry of Uriri member of Parliament Nyamita into 2022 Migori County gubernatorial race complicates the already complex political matrix in the region.

Hon. John Pesa will be the most affected, having given 2022 his best it will be a big disappointment, this is simply because almost 80% of Hon Dache Pesa supporters will be very comfortable with Uriri MP Mark Nyamita candidature.

Hon. Ochilo Ayacko will also greatly be affected especially for those who are supporting him mainly because of the current affairs in the county.

Hon Otieno Dalmas was/is weighing waters that’s why he hasn’t openely announced his candidature, he might go back to seek the Rongo Parliamentary seat.

Migori County is ready to move forward than before, infact Hon. Mark Ogolo Nyamita has done stupendous work and he is more than ready to do wonders if voted as the 2nd governor of Migori County.

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