Forget About Raila And Ruto, Meet The Politician Who Is Likely To Be Kenya’s Fifth President

The Kenya’s political arena is gaining momentum with political heavyweights already scampering in such of more support in different parts of the country.

Among political bigwigs, according to me Gedion Moi is also among the most unanalysed 2022 presidential aspirant. We must start a conversation around him or overlook him at our own risk.

There is no doubt that the man recently installed Kalenjin spokesperson by the Talai clan, is fit for the top job. And going by his latest moves, he is clearly making inroads in various regions in preparation for 2022.

During his latest meeting with the sons and daughters of Mumbi at Sagana State Lodge, Uhuru Kenyatta gave a signal about his plans where he said when his time comes, he will pull his long-awaited surprise. I have a hunch that Gideon will be the ‘surprise’ that the President has been flashing in our faces, and if that is the case, the Kanu chairman is definitely ‘toko tai’ (still ahead).

If my prediction is right, then Gideon Moi will be the force that will face the both ODM fraternity, One Kenya Coalition and the Hustler Nation come 2022.

Moreover, he has not differed with majority kingpins including Uhuru Kenyatta, Raila Odinga, Kalonzo Musyoka, Mudavandi. He remains largely neutral and accommodative.

This makes him a sure bet should Uhuru propose him to the rest of the pack. He has also remained loyal to the president and his government regardless of the two coming from different political divides.

Notably, Gideon has gone around the country promoting BBI without shouting that he is eyeing the presidential ballot in 2022. Only David Murathe and Francis Atwoli can refute the hypothesis I am putting forward; I have said it here, that when the history of 2022 is written, it will be told that the two honchos birthed politicians through influence — something very unnatural in politics.

Dear readers What’s your take concerning the matter?

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