Jubilee Party Diehard Crying Foul For Help From Well Wishers Because Of This {Video}

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Sampson Waithaka a jubilee part diehard has come out crying foul for help from well wishers almost five good years after he was electrocuted during the 2016 campaigns which ensured President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deptuty William Somoei Ruto clinched the 2017 presidential election.

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Waithaka has come out to request the public to connect him to the jubilee authorities after he was promised a compensation following the the incident something he has waited in vein for all this years without success. The jubilee diehard man has since hit the ground running will multiple placards placed on his three wheeled motorbike which he said was donated to him by good Samaritans while staging his request.

While talking to K24 Tv, he castigated that President Uhuru once said that he be compensated and that’s why he had written the placards so that Uhuru can see his plea, he went ahead to cite that he has no other alternative and his live has be hell like as he confirmed that he has been a jubilee biggest supporter.

“President wa Kenya alisema nilipwe na ndio maana nimeandika hizi posts hili our beloved president aone Sina namna ingine naweza nikajisaidia nayo. Nateseka Sana kwa vile natembea tu na hili gari na hata sai imeisha mafuta, Mimi ni wa jubilee Damu na nilipigia Sana chama.”

Video: https://twitter.com/K24Tv/status/1386596093912358918?s=19

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