Good News To Kenyans Planning To Travel Back Home For December Holiday As Gov Makes Important Announcement

The government of Kenya was alerted on high imposition of traveling transport by the Kenya Bus service even after regulations of Covid-19 protocols which only enabled the carrying of half the usual number of passengers in the bus. Following this, the government through managing director addressed all bus users to reduce the transport to normal.

Managing Director of Kenya Bus Service Management Edwins Mikabanah has ordered the buses operating within the country to reduce the transport as we approach December Holiday after it came to their attention that the double transport fee used while Covid-19 protocols applied is still used to date even after the government regulated the protocols.

This is good news to Kenyans who wish to travel back home from different towns for December holiday as the transport fee will be manageable after the government revised with the Kenya Bus service managing director today. The reduction of fare to normal is expected soon after the final remarks from the government

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