Just In: Dates Kenya’s 2021 KCPE And KCSE Examination, Expected Grading System

The Kenyan government has put much emphasis on the education sector because majority of us believe that with education, the chances of leading a happy life are at the highest point compared without education. The current 8-4-4 education system is more of exam oriented and that is why there is the Kenya certificate of primary education and that of secondary education to measure the level of one’s intelligence after one level.

As a result of the outbreak of Covid-19 disease in the country, the national exams schedule that was fixed before changed to help regain lost time. Below is the national examinations date;

toExpected grading system
In the past examinations, the Kenya National Examination Council has always graded seven subjects and this will also be expected grading system, Mathematics, English and Kiswahili will be graded mandatorily, between Physics, Chemistry and Biology only the two best performed will be graded and for the humanities; History, CRE and Geography one of them will be graded with one technical subjects completing the graded subjects but two humanities may be graded if their performance outshines the technical.

Grade points

A (plain) 12

A- (minus) 11

B+ (plus) 10

B (plain) 9

B- (minus) 8

C+ (plus) 7

C (plain) 6

C- (minus) 5

D+ (plus) 4

D (plain) 3

D- (minus) 2

E 1


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