If You Meet This Requirement, You Are Good To Upgrade Your Certificate Course To Diploma Level At KMTC

According to the set minimum requirement for one to upgrade, anyone who meets the requirements and looks forward to upgrading from certificate course to diploma level is eligible to apply.

This is done following the guidelines provided by the KMTC administration and rules.

However, most upgrading courses always run for 2 years depending on the mode of study one chooses. The various modes of studying available at KMTC are full-time, part-time, e-learning, and evening classes. Equally, the mode of study is dependent on the KMTC campus offering a specific course.

For instance, to qualify for a diploma in environmental health science, you only need a certificate in the same course with 2 years of working experience.

With a diploma in medical laboratory science, one needs to have a certificate of the same plus be registered by the KMLTTB. For a diploma in medical engineering, one only needs a certificate of the same course.

Diploma in nutrition and dietetics, one needs to have a certificate of the same plus 2 years experience. Diploma in health records and information, one needs a certificate of the same. Equally the same applies to a diploma in orthopedics and trauma medicine.

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