Why One Man From Mombasa Is Smiling All The Way To The Bank Following Court Verdict

It is never anyone’s wish to lose a personal Identity card. Equally, this can make one vulnerable and get locked out of government places and functions. This is the same case with a Mombasa-based man, Gulleid, who has finally been served with justice.

According to a ruling which is termed as one of its kind, the man has been awarded a compensation of 500, 000 Kenya shillings for his delayed ID replacement. According to the man, he lost his ID and he has tried to replace the ID for over 30 years to no avail.

The case which was being handled by Judge Ogola directed that the man be issued with a new ID card and further reprimanded the government for failure to perform its functions appropriately.

According to Gulleid, not having an ID has served as a disadvantage to him since he was locked out of the government scheme in which funds were given out during the pandemic.

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