Mbuzi choma homemade recipe


1:Any part of goat meat


3:sea salt

4:choma sauce

5:Soy sauce

6: Aluminium foil

7:Grinded garlic

8:Grinded ginger


1:place your meat on the grill to drain it’s water as it gets roasted (This will take about 45 minutes)

2:Marination needs to be done

*mix the grinded garlic, grinded ginger, like 3spoons of thyme,3 soy sauce lids and a tea spoon of sea salt …note:mix them thoroughly

3:At the same grill place your marination on the meat and spread it evenly

4:Add the choma sauce and foil it

5:After foiling it take it back to your grill. (for about 15 to 20 minutes)

6:spread rosemary on your meat for a sweet aroma (Optional)

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