Tears As 12-Years-Old Child Collapse And Dies While Playing With Friends During Break Time.

Tears reportedly embroiling down the cheeks of Kanyakech residents of Uriri Sub-county, Migori County after a 12-years-old class five child, mysteriously collapsed and died during the break time while playing with her classmates.

Any eye witness said that the little angel allegedly bought a ‘chapati’ which prompted her classmates to start chasing her while requesting her to subdivide for them before the chapati chocked her leading her to collapse and die instantly as the other children reportedly continued with their request unaware she had succumbed already.

Police officers were immediately called to the scene to collect her remains as the entire school was brought to a standstill following the disturbing incident, her body moved to Neo care Hospital and Mortuary for further investigations as her burial preparations are currently underway.

The school headteacher while confirming the incident to the Royal Media Services news reporter, termed the incident as a shocking and frightening occurrence which have befallen his school as he requested parents to pray for the school.

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