Prepare For The Worst Time Ahead As These County Assembly Closes Indefinitely Due To Covid-19 Surge

The number of new Covid-19 infections in the country has been on the rise over the recent weeks. Nyandarua county assembly being the latest victim. Normal operations seize in the assembly for the next 3 weeks as a measure to contain the spread of the covid-19 virus.

The decision just coming a day after the county interface council raised concerns over the increase in the number of covid-19 infections and deaths, citing failure by the public to adhere to the covid-19 protocols outlined by the ministry of health.
Nyandarua county has however not an isolated case.

Meru County is also reading from a similar script. But if the sentiments by the county executive committee members for health are anything to go by, then the county is struggling to treat and manage its covid-19 patients. It is reported that the bulk of patients in some hospitals is being reduced by transferring some of the patients to other facilities to reduce the workload.

With the situation in Nyandarua and Meru county being a drop in the ocean of the bigger picture that is the country’s covid-19 reality, president Uhuru Kenyatta is urging Kenyans to trust in science and the hope that has been pegged on covid-19 vaccines.

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