Painful Story Raila Odinga Narrated To His Supporters After He Was Rigged Out By Chebukati

In the last rally in Homabay on Saturday 27th January 2018, two days before the swearing at Uhuru Park, Raila moved the crowds with a very emotional and tearful story, in Luo lingua:

“Long time ago there was a very deadly drought. There was no water, no food. Livestock died, and the whole land was full of outcry. Parents watched helplessly as children died. A group of village elders came together to try and find a solution.

They decided to visit a chief priest in his shrine for advice and some solution. Upon reaching the shrine, the chief priest told them to offer a human sacrifice to the gods so that the gods might have mercy on the land.

This is how the sacrifice was to be offered: ” Go look for a young girl who is still a virgin. Take that girl to a river and offer her to the crocodiles. After that, the gods will be appeased and it will start raining again.

The elders started looking for a girl and by good luck, they found a girl by the name Waganda. After telling Waganda the full story, she decided to offer herself as a sacrifice for the sake of her land. On the day of the sacrifice, Waganda bid her parents farewell and walked down to the river without being forced by anyone.

She started singing while heading to the river. “Waganda go, go, go. Today you are going to save the people from the drought. Waganda go. Waganda don’t cry. Waganda go go goo.”

Then Raila concluded; “My people, today I have come to say goodbye, On 30th January I will be heading to the river without being forced by anyone. I will offer myself as a sacrifice. I’m going there for this great nation”

Two days later, Raila walked into a mammoth crowd at Uhuru Park and took an oath.

Today after thousands of years, they have been asked to choose between Jesus and a thief and opted for a thief because they hate the truth.

Story Courtesy: Musyoka Brian Pettyrankqueen Wanzala

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