This is Sad! A Family In Homabay Calls For Help For Their Kin Who Drowned In Lake Victoria

At Orange beach along the shores of Lake Victoria in Homabay County, Emily, and her family stares into the horizon. The ashes from last night’s fire are still here as they ponder their next move. For 12 days, Emily and her daughter have pitched camp at the shore per Luo culture.

Her only son, 23-year-old Trey Omondi drowned on the 12th of this month as he swam with his friends. According to Luo culture, a close relative to the drowned must camp at the beach until the body is retrieved. The retrieval operation for the body of Taylor Omondi started three days after the incident and is yet to bear fruits as these large masses of vegetation aggravate an already dire situation.

With agonizing long days and cold nights on the shores of the lake, Emily keeps hope alive with Luo cultural experts advising an alternative treatment to save the family from further anguish. Until then, the family stays on the shore hoping that the waves will be kind enough to drag the body of Taylor Omondi to the shores so that he can be buried amongst his kin.

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