Statement By Uriri MP Hon. Nyamita Following The Collapse Of Oria-Riat Bridge

(Photo Courtesy)

We have woken up to the collapse of Oria-Riat Bridge following the regrettable plying by an overloaded truck—that exceeded the specified bridge weight limit.

Fortunately ,the driver involved in the accident— whom we wish speedy recovery—luckily survived but sustained minor injuries and is currently undergoing the appropriate medical care in hospital.

In the meantime, a multi-agency team comprising of Sukari Industry management, KERRA officials and Uriri Sub-County Security Team are headed to the site to make preliminary assessments on the damage to this vital transport infrastructure.

Importantly, I have spoken to and secured the commitment of Sukari Industry management to restore the structural capacity of the bridge following a re-design to be done with the advise and under close supervision of KERRA engineers. The company trucks should also henceforth use the alternative routes available to heavy vehicles and strictly observe the weight limits indicated for various bridges across the constituency.

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