Tension High In Kenya And Tanzania As One Person Kills 4 Police Officers In Alleged Terror Attempt

In a video posted online, it shows a man shooting down police officers at the French  ambassy office in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania then later shooting in the air before being taken down by police officers.
The incident occurred in the middle of the day when the man is reported to have walked in and started shooting at no one in particular which has left 4 people dead. President Suluhu has ordered investigations into the incident which saw the police shoot dead the lone gunman. It is not yet clear that the shooter in the heavily guarded diplomatic area was a terror attack.

The inspector general of the police Simon Siro told the reports that the armed Gun man was a foreigner and the police believe that the man was from Somalia. The shooting is reportedly to have occurred shortly after President Suluhu Hassan addressed security officials in another part of the city, Tanzania’s commercial hub.

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