Time for Solskjær’s first Gdańsk?

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

For top teams, the bottom line is always silverware. This is true for top football managers too. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer does not quite belong in that category, at least not yet, if his silverware haul as manager is to be considered. Now lets not ignore the titles he won with Molde, but those are not enough to be at the level that he would obviously want to be considered as being in.

Ole, as many call him, is a manager that divides opinion a lot amongst the United fanbase and looking at his managerial career, its no wonder. From the lows of relegation with Cardiff City to the potential highs of conquering Europe, albeit in a lesser competition than the one he nudged United’s way on a certain night at Camp Nou some 22 years ago, and many other miscellaneous occurrences, its safe to say that the differing opinions won’t change anytime soon.

“I’m going to be successful here, and there are players there that won’t be part of that successful team”, this was Solskjaer two years ago. The only part that is certainly true about that statement as things stand is that some players have already been shown the door, but putting everything in context, consecutive top four finishes for the first time since Sir Alex Fergusson is not something to scoff at given the last decade. This is Manchester United though and even in crisis, that is still not something worth toasting over.

After failing severally in semi finals both in Europe and domestically, Ole and his improving United charges finally have a chance to taste success, what remains is for the world to see if they will grasp the opportunity. They might have started the season in the Uefa Champions League but any chance at a trophy should always be taken, unless of course you are good old Poch at Spurs  with no chance to win anything. Also, many players in that United team are yet to win their first trophy with United and they will be keen to wrap this one up and proceed from there.

Ole winning his first trophy with United might be the catalyst that propels him to more tangible success, seeing as he wants to seriously compete for the league title next season. The Europa League is the last trophy that United won four years ago but the circumstances are quite different this year, they are going into this cup final just looking to win it and not seeking a back door to the Uefa Champions League, they should be commended for making it a tad easy for themselves this time round.

The stage has been set, the beauty has been dressed, will Ole get up and accept this dance, sorry, Gdansk? We wait and see.

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